Miranda's Role. The Full Story. Cod Wars. Albatross. Tour of Duty. Photos. Video's.
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Miranda's Role. The Full Story. Cod Wars. Albatross. Tour of Duty. Photos. Video's.
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Welcome to the website that I have published as a tribute to an incredibly unusual little ship. Why unusual? She started her life as a four masted sailing ship for a start! After a period of time as a coaster, She spent her final years in a role that was to save many lives and provide a lot of comfort to the UK's deep sea fishing fleet.

Miranda operated in some of the worst areas in the world for inclement weather - North Atlantic, Denmark Strait and North Norway to Bear Island, well inside the Arctic circle. And yet there was something about the old ship that drew her crews back to her. Commander David Roberts wrote -

"With almost no exception those who served in her developed an affection for her which few other ships engendered".

I served as a Radio Officer (later Electronics Officer) on the vessel for most of the winter seasons that Miranda operated from 1974 to 1980, her last season.

Explore the site to find out what Miranda's role was, The full story of the vessel and the Cod wars in which she played a major part. Click on the porthole to email me!

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Miranda alongside in her home port of Hull

Miranda alongside in her home port of Hull

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The audio on this page, (for those who cannot read morse code!) is: "CQ DE GULL" which means "All Stations from Miranda"

New for 2015 - A brilliant write up and loads of pics from Ex Coastguard Officer Richard Townshend who contacted me in early 2015. Go to page page HERE


Listen to a recording of an incident, when a live shot was fired, that occured during the 1975/76 Cod War between Defence Tug 'Statesman', ICGV 'Tyr' and several Hull Trawlers. Check out the ‘You Tube’ window below. Includes a gallery of images. (This audio clip was courtesy of tape supplied by Mick Evans many years ago)

Miranda Miranda Ex Albatross from a line drawing kindly loaned by Ron Vinall

Miranda as the four masted sailing ship ‘Albatross’

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